CPT provides courses in a number of minors that relate to communication and innovation.

Today’s challenges call for integral approaches that connect science with society. The minor Communication for change provides you with insights from to the interdisciplinary field of strategic communication. You learn how to apply principles from social psychology, communication and collaborative processes for societal change.

Study handbook

Effective communication

in life science contexts

In your future research projects, you will find that without support from society your findings have no power to innovate. How to connect your research to society early on? In the minor Effective Communication you will learn all about societal innovation processes and effective communication, making sure your findings have impact.

Study handbook

Siebe de Ruiter (Bachelor Biotechnology) explains why the minor Effective Communication in Life Science was so interesting for him.

Joanne Leerlooijer (education coordinator) shows how communication and collaboration play an important role in all Life Science themes (in Dutch).

Communication for change